With a Renaissance and classic architecture, ranked among the 23 major sites of the Loire Valley, the castle of Valençay, exceptional by its location overlooking the Nahon Valley, offers the charm of the countryside near major cities. Located between the Berry and the Loire Valley, it is 1 hour from Tours, 1:30 from Orleans and only 2:30 from Paris.

Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, one of the greatest French diplomats, rich collector has given all its luster to this castle built in the Renaissance by the Estampes family. Fully furnished and adorned with a thousand precious objects, it bears the marks of the refinement of a home that sill seems inhabited. 


Château de Valençay is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.



The Speed Visit is an outdoor visit of the architecture of the castle lasting 30 minutes, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (only in French). 

A visit to the theater and its period settings takes place Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. (only in French). 

For health reasons, there are no guided tours of the castle, nor of the exhibition, but only audio guides included in the price of the individual ticket. Gourmet Thursdays will also not be able to take place this 2021 season. Thank you for your understanding.

Discover our new exhibtion « DU LOUVRE À VALENÇAY, 1939-1946 »

Exhibition from May 19th to November 11th 2021

Only in French




Beautiful collections of furniture sculptures, paintings and precious objects give the Château of Valençay a still inhabited look. Various coordinating styles contribute to this place’s charm and bear witness to the drastic changes in French government throughout Prince of Talleyrand’s lifetime. The Empire-style furniture is absolutely stunning in the light coming through the large windows with its power, strength and references to the Napoleonic era. Through its elegance and charm, the 18th century furniture reflects the light-hearted and worldly spirit of aristocratic society that defined the style and etiquette of the great lord that Talleyrand never ceased to be.

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This ancient theatre with its period decor can be viewed on a guided tour (only in French) or during shows performed in it. 



This vast green area is an excellent opportunity for visitors of all ages to take a stroll, explore and relax. Plants and animals have always played an important role in the domain of Valençay. Today, biodiversity and species protection are managed in an eco-friendly way and focus on sustainable development and eco-responsibility. Renewed each season, the flower beds are designed to give the château a colorful setting worthy of its architectural splendor. Filled with 25 different tree species, the forest is carefully maintained and plays an educational role with signs that provide information on their different origins, uses and biology. Visitors can explore it on foot or by electric golf cart on a 4km path.

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In the park of the Château de Valençay, life is good, and every moment of sunshine is suitable for a walk. But the children will also find their account there, because many activities are available to them to play with friends.



Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, a knowledgeable gourmet, made the Château de Valençay a temple of the culinary art. An expert in diplomatic and political matters, he knew that a well-stocked table is a weapon of choice. His successors were not to be outdone, and brilliantly perpetuated this tradition of haute cuisine. This delicate and refined art of living still permeates the history and atmosphere of the Château de Valençay.



La monographie complète du domaine de Valençay est parue en août 2020 aux éditions Albin Michel. Magnifiquement illustré par les splendides photographies de Benjamin Chelly, cet ouvrage est parfaitement rédigé par Anne Gérardot, chartiste et ancienne directrice des archives départementales de l’Indre, dépositaire des archives du Château de Valençay. 

Si vous souhaitez commander l’ouvrage, vous pouvez contacter directement la boutique au 02 54 00 15 74 ou par mail boutique@chateau-valencay.fr
(prix de vente : 29,90€ + 10€ de frais de port)



Les célèbres cuisines du château de Valençay révèlent toute leur histoire entre gastronomie, art de vivre et terroir dans un ouvrage signé Anne Gérardot et publié aux Presses Universitaires François Rabelais de Tours, parution 2021.

Si vous souhaitez commander l’ouvrage, vous pouvez contacter directement la boutique au 02 54 00 15 74 ou par mail boutique@chateau-valencay.fr
(prix de vente : 9,90€ + 4 € de frais de port)


Les Cahiers de Valençay

Les Cahiers de Valençay ont pour vocation de publier des travaux de recherche inédits sur l’histoire du château et de ses propriétaires. Cette collection a l’ambition d’allier exigence scientifique, volonté de partage et transmission des savoirs. Les chercheurs, érudits et étudiants qui participent à cette aventure s’engagent à la libre diffusion de leurs travaux.

Les résultats de ces recherches permettent d’enrichir les connaissances relatives au domaine de Valençay ; ils constituent également une précieuse matière première qui nourrira tant la nécessaire création artistique que l’expérience patrimoniale et touristique du lieu.

Les cahiers 


Château de Valençay
2 Rue de Blois, 36600 Valençay
02 54 00 10 66

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