Evenings by Candlelight

Evenings by Candlelight

Tuesday 8 August and Friday 18 August

From 9:00 p.m.

Now comes the time to celebrate summer with a night-time party at the Château de Valençay!

Thousands of candles will light the chateau of the Prince de Talleyrand, in the gardens, the terraces and also inside. You will admire the outstanding collections of antique furniture in a candle-lit atmosphere.

This year, equestrian Art will have the place of honour with all its creativity and nobility.

Horsemen, acrobats, stuntmen… Mario Luraschi’s team is undoubtedly an international reference in this domain. Valençay will become their playing ground through a presentation of this masterful art in the Great Lawn. There will also be moments of ghost-like poetry in the Vast Western Area of the park.

21h45, Great Lawn
Sonate équestre (Equestrian sonata), in 3 times: Freedom, Long Reins, Acrobatic act

23h00, Vast Western Area
Fantomatiques (Spectral): shining figures moving in the dark…

The hunting trumps of the Echos de Gatines will start the evening at 21h00 in the regular garden of Edouard André. Then, throughout the evening, in the alley of the elegant pavilion of the Garenne, lit for the occasion, you will hear the echoes from the Duchess’s Garden, for the first time!



Dinner with candles at 19h00 at the restaurant l’Orangerie, exceptional candle-lit tour of the furnished chateau, demonstration of sculptures in sugar with Castel Praliné, in the pantry, stands with food service…


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Useful Information

8 and 18 August

From 9:00 p.m.

Full price : 20€
Reduced rate : 16€
Child’s price : 5€

Visit on the day + night
Full price : 28€
Reduced rate : 24€
Child’s price : 7€

For the dinner, call the +33 (0)2 54 00 15 69