Festival Talleyrand

Festival Talleyrand

Music festival on period instruments at the château’s Théâtre Empire. Every weekend, for almost a month, come share a program full of music and theatre.

Every Saturday evening, book your dinner in the Orangery at 7:00 p.m., preceded by an apéritif privatized at 6:300 p.m. in the Garden “à la française”.

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Saturday 10 September
9 p.m. – Theatre

Liana Mosca, violin
Pierre Goy, pianoforte

To mark the release of a recording by Lyrinx at the Théâtre de Valençay between 2014 and 2015, this evening honours the great Dussek, a composer attached to the House of Talleyrand and resident of Valençay. Two international artists recorded a whole new set of absolutely fabulous music from this turn of the century that Talleyrand held so dear.

In partnership with the Museum of Music in Paris for the recording and with LYRINX record company.


Archives vie sociale,

© Château de Valençay – Michel Chassat


Conference : « Histoire des instruments de Valençay »
by Hervé Audéon, CNRS musicologist
5 p.m. – Salon du Prince

Only in French


Sunday 11 September
3 p.m. – Theatre

Sylvia Abramowicz, viola da gamba
Jonathan Dunford, viola da gamba

For those who love the French film “Tous les matins du monde” by Alain Corneau, discover or rediscover the sensitive and sensual music of M. de Sainte-Colombe. The legend says: “Sainte-Colombe was in his garden locked in his cabin that he built from the branches of a mulberry tree, in order to play the viola de gamba more peacefully and with a greater delight.”

cabane de sainte colombe

© Charles Plumey


Saturday 17 September
9 p.m. – Theatre

Armelle Roux, harpsichord
Carmelo Caccioto, magic
Vincent Tavervnier, stage director

This magical and musical performance, in 10 silent scenes, illustrates the encounter between a harpsichordist and a magician. Through their art, each of the two protagonists use all the splendours of magic and music in a double recital. It’s not a music hall bu poetry, to the ear and the eye, enhanced by the place’s beauty. A captivating and timeless moment.

Production of Festival Baroque de Pontoise.
Concerts as part of the Festiv’Arts en Berry Festival.

Le Miroir de Cagliostro-face au miroir 1 -®Guy Vivien

© Guy Vivien


Conference : « Une forteresse médiévale à Valençay ? »
by Matthieu Munos, INRAP archeologist
5 p.m. – Salon du Prince

Only in French


Sunday 18 September
3 p.m. – Theatre or outdoors

Jérôme Damien, piano and magic
Daniel Bru, saxophone and magic

A show for all ages, full of humour and good spirits. Theses two artists, former musicians and also magicians, wanted to combine the two disciplines in a creation where ragtime, card tricks, sonatas and other magic acts come together and intertwine at a dizzying pace.

Special price on the occasion of the European Heritage Days: 10€


Saturday 24 september
9 p.m. – Theatre

Kenneth Weiss, harpsichord

« One Prelude and Fugue per day soothes existensial tension, » Kenneth Weiss prescribed ! This great American artist and exceptional interpreter, fascinated by Bach, will guide you for one hour through his universe set with Scarlatti, Haendel… but always around B-A-C-H.


© Arthur Forjonel


Conference : « Talleyrand à Valençay »
by Manuel Brossé, lecturer at the Sorbonne
5 p.m. – Salon du Prince

Only in French


Sunday 25 september
3 p.m. – Theatre

Les Folies Françoises Ensemble
Patrick Cohën-Akénine, violin
Béatrice Martin, harpsichord

At the age of 8, Mozart went to Paris for the first time and dazzled the French court. “Ah vous dirai-je maman…”, these delicate variations of a popular French children’s song will be featured, accompanied by other works of famous virtuoso harpsichordists such as Balbastre and Shobert. Mozart, one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, will be served by outstanding interpreters of this period.

Les Folies françoises are an approved ensemble and funded by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Centre-Val de Loire), the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the City of Orléans. The ensemble is a member of FEVIS – Fédération des ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés et du syndicat Profedim, an organization founded in 1999, uniting and representing the movement of independent music ensembles.


folies francoises

© G. Aresteanu


Saturday 1 October
9 p.m. – Theatre

Sunday 2 october
9 p.m. – Theatre

Les Emportés ensemble
Pauline Texier
, Stratonice, soprano
David Tricou, Antiochus, tenor
Igord Bouin, Erasistate, baritone
Thomas Tacquet, pianist and musical director
Benjamin Pintiaux, stage director
Maxime Margollé, art department

After the creation of the comic opera “Adolphe et Clara de Dalayrac”, we continue our partnership with Les Emportés,a young and talented group, a true pineer of works from this time period. Stratonice is a heroic comedy in verse by Etienne-Nicolas Méhul, one of the greatest opera composers of his time. This beloved work also calls upon Romanticism, and Berlioz later wrote that he knew it by heart !

This work is supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region


© Château de Valençay – Michel Chassat


Conference : « Talleyrand et la musique »
by Maxime Margollé, musicologist
Saturday 1 october – 5 p.m. – Salon du Prince

Only in French


Saturday 8 october
9 p.m. – Theatre

François Le Roux, baritone
Cyril Huvé, piano

The last concert falls under the charming and cruel spells of Cupid with the famous lieder song cycle by Beethoven, of 1815, “An Die Feine Geliebte”. François Le Roux, one of the world’s greatest singer of lied and melody, will be accompanied by the equally talented Cyril Huvé.

– Lieder de L. Van Beethoven, F. Schubert, F. Liszt

In partnership with La Grange aux pianos, House of artist Cyril Huvé, Chassignoles


© Nicolas Robin


Useful information

From 10 september to 8 october

Saturday: 9 p.m.
Sunday: 3 p.m.
Conferences: 5 p.m. (only in French)


Concert only:
Full price: 20€
Reduced rate: 15€
(children under 18, students, teachers, job-seekers, visitors with disabilities)

Admission to the château + concert:
Full price: 28€
Reduced rate: 23€
(children under 18, students, teachers, job-seekers, visitors with disabilities)

Conference + dinner + concert: 45€
Tour + conference + dinner + concert: 53€

Saturday conferences :
Free admission from 4:30 p.m.
Only in French


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