Festival <br>Talleyrand 2017

Talleyrand 2017

Music Festival on period instruments

at the château’s Théâtre Empire.


Saturday 9 September
9:00 pm – Théâtre

Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord

Combining breath-taking virtuosity, architectural rigor, expressive power and scrupulous honesty in front of the score, Pierre Hantaï is one of the top-performing keyboardist and a world-renowned specialist in music by Domenico Scarlatti. He has won several awards including the Diapason d’Or in 2016, Choc de la musique …

Don’t miss a remarkable opening concert.


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Sunday 10 September
4:00 pm – Théâtre

Anne Magouët, soprano
David Chevallier, acoustic guitars, theorbo, arrangements
Bruno Helstroffer, theorbo

Considered the greatest lutenist of his time, John Dowland is best known today for his exceptional talent as a composer. His magnificent melodies have crossed the ages to move us, warm our hearts and intrigue us.

Double Dowland is an optical illusion. It features pieces for voice and lute in their original version, but also highlights their reinterpretation by a composer and improviser, featuring old music that has been transfigured. It is a true re-creation, although the work of Dowland is omnipresent. This optical illusion, where ideas clash and blend, makes it possible to prove that in music a work written more than 400 years ago can interact consistently and imaginatively with the style and expression of today’s musicians.

A recording made at the Abbey of Noirlac and published in 2014 leaves a trace of this intricate piece.


David Chevallier is welcomed by the Soufflerie as part of a special project that welcomes artists in order to enhance the cultural program of a certain area, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the SACEM.

double dowland

© Philippe Annessaut



Saturday 16 September
9:00 pm – Church of Valençay

Ensemble Les Paladins
Jean-François Lombard, Romain Champion, tenors
Benjamin Narvey, theorbo
Sylvia Abramowicz
, viola da gamba
Jérôme Correas, harpsichord, organ and direction

François Couperin wrote in 1714 three leçons de ténèbres for the nuns of the Convent of Longchamps, “where they were sung successfully,” he says in his preface. These famous French baroque pieces are the foundation of the music for soprano voice. However, Couperin writes in his preface that “all kinds of voices can sing them, especially as most people today who accompany know how to transpose.”

Les Paladins Ensemble is supported by the Prefecture of the Ile-de-France region, the DRAC Ile-de-France, the Ile-de-France Regional Council, Adami, Spedidam and members of the FEVIS (Fédération des ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés).


Leçons de ténèbres (en attente ©)


Sunday 17 September
4:00 pm – Théâtre

Ensemble Pugnani
Lore Hillenhinrich,
Vincent Blanchard, oboe
Joan Herrero, violin and alto
François Koehl, cello
Emmanuel Curial,
violin and direction

Built around the great masters of classical music who lived or stayed in London, such as Mozart, Haydn or Bach’s youngest son Johann-Christian Bach, we will also hear work by Ignace Pleyel, who was not only a composer but also an impresario, publisher and piano maker!

The Pugnani Ensemble is made up of talented musicians including an oboist from Valençay, who made his debut on the stage of this same theatre a few years ago, before traveling the world!

A heart-warming concert in many ways…


Saturday 23 September
9:00 pm – Théâtre

Lucile Girardot, soprano
Jean-Luc Hô, harpsichord

Whether we call them magicians, witches, or, to put it more elegantly, enchantresses, whether they are beautiful or ugly, young or old, implacably cruel or charitable, they have never ceased to inspire the finest verses and the most beautiful stanzas, provided that they are ambiguous and mysterious…

True muses of Baroque composers, many operas are based on their legend, developing expressive musical colours mixing pure bliss and free-flowing emotions.

The mezzo-soprano Lucile Richardot, with an enchanting and generous tone, will be accompanied by the talented Jean-Luc Ho, incarnating the rising generation of the French harpsichord.


all rights reserved © NEO TONY LEE - http://www.neotonylee.com

© NeO Tony Lee




Sunday 24 September
4:00 pm – Théâtre

Girolamo Bottiglieri, violin
Emmanuel Balssa, cello
Rémy Cardinale, pianoforte

“Dear Beethoven, you are now going to Vienna in fulfilment of your long frustrated wishes. Mozart’s Genius is still mourning and weeping over the death of its pupil. In the inexhaustible Haydn, it had found refuge but no occupation; through him it wishes to form a union with another. Through uninterrupted diligence you shall receive Mozart’s spirit from Haydn’s hands. Bonn, 29 October 1792, your true friend, Waldstein.”

These were the words inscribed on the album given to Beethoven by his friends and patrons on the eve of his departure for Vienna in 1792. This program invites us to the heart of the European musical capital, the day after the death of its greatest creative genius: Mozart. What could a young pianist-composer expect, except to receive “the spirit of Mozart from Haydn’s hands” to be celebrated in turn?

This concert will also mark the release of a CD of the same program.


Des mains de Haydn ©Robin.H.Davies
© Robin.H.Davies



Saturday 30 September
9:00 pm – Théâtre

Thomas Dunford, archlute
Jean Rondeau, harpsichord
Keyvan Chemirani, zarb, santur, artistic direction

Jasmin Toccata is an encounter between the baroque and Oriental world. This program, at times spectacular and virtuoso or sometimes deep and meditative, creates bridges between these musical universes. Thus, the warm sound of the lutes, theorbos and harpsichords are combined with the gentle Persian melodic percussions while the delicacy of Oriental ornaments reflects the skilful diminutions of the Baroque world.

Alternating different pieces from the great old masters, Scarlatti, Purcell, Dowland, and modal compositions of incredibly rich rhythms, these three exceptional artists dazzle us by giving life to a sensual toccata with fragrances of jasmine, dotted with improvisations and wild rhythms.

With a compassionate thought for Frédéric Deval, great transmitter of cultures from Royaumont and elsewhere …
This show is supported by Production Alto – artistic solutions created during a special program at the Cultural and Meeting Centre of Ambronay with the support of the DRAC Île-de-France, Sacem, Adami and Spedidam.
Projet Artistique de Territoire (PACT) financed by the Centre-Val de Loire region.

© B. Pichère – CCR Ambronay



Sunday 1 October
4:00 pm – Théâtre

Les Malins Plaisirs
Marie Loisel, Pierre-Guy Cluzeau, Quentin-Maya Boyé
, comedians

Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien
François Lazarevitch, flutes and bagpipes
Pierre Rigopoulos, percussion

Vincent Tavernier, staging
Erick Plaza-Cochet, costume

Vincent Tavernier summons the audience of Valençay theatre with a game of dramatic proverbs in an 18th century style.

This genre, both unexpected and comical with great creative freedom, unveils a variety of incredibly diverse characters, in all levels of society and in the most random situations.

Rules of the game

Each of the short comedies presented illustrates a well-known, yet more or less explicit, proverb! The author has free reign and may seek to deceive the audience: dual meaning, play on words and tricks are allowed; but he or she may also choose to be perfectly clear. At the end of every plot, it is up to the audience to demonstrate their cleverness and attention to detail by telling the actors which proverb it is …

Les Malins Plaisirs are supported by the Club des Amis des Malins Plaisirs, the Investors’ Circle, the Haut-de-France Regional Council, the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Council, the Deux-Baie Agglomeration Community in Montreullois and the City of the Touquet of Paris-Plage. Projet Artistique de Territoire (PACT) financed by the Centre-Val de Loire Region.



© Benoit Bremer

Useful information

From 9 September to 1st October

Saturday : 9:00 pm
Sunday : 4:00 pm


Full price : 20€
Reduced rate : 15€

Castle entrance + concert:
Full price : 28€
Reduced rate : 23€