The Princes’ Forest

The Princes’ Forest

Visitors can explore a magnificent 4km historical and natural path on foot or using an electric golf cart. Seven remarkable features are worth pointing out along this walk, along with a stunning view of the château.

Les glacières (ice rooms)
Here, we managed to keep the ice collected in the pond during winter all year round.

Le saut du loup (The jump of the wolf)
A kind of ditch that allowed people to escape outside.

Bat cave
Registered on the Natura 2000 European network, it is home to nearly one thousand bats.

La taverne des Espagnols (The Spanish tavern)
The exiled princes met here to have a drink.

The pond
It was designed to collect natural runoff from the park above.

The ballroom
Groups of dancers and the Spanish princes met here to escape boredom

Tuffeau stone caves
Much of the stone needed to build the castle was extracted here.

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€14 (in addition to
the entrance fee)

Price for 1 car (4 people),
for 30 minutes.