Ralph Amelin et Fils

Ralph Amelin et Fils

In partnership with L’Equinoxe, scène nationale de Châteauroux, we continue to tell stories with Le joueur de flûte d’Hamelin

Compagnie Encore qui ?
Frédéric Pradal, writing and interprétation
Alexis Caillot, co-writing and staging


An unusual ridder of rats gleefully tells his side of the story, moving about aimlessly between a philosophical tale and theatrical performance. It is intriguing and touching, rugged and imaginative. Father and grandfather, great specialists and founders, are featured, together with the habits and customs of rats (our fascinating cousins); who cannot be the only ones responsible for the plague… We meet a “wise madman”, an “old wise man” and a hermit; we follow our bewitching storyteller as far as the Taiga, then Rajasthan, flute in mouth; we are in Deshnoke at the foot of the temple dedicated to… rats! …

We travel between fantastic, ordinary and twisted tales, metaphysical questions addressed with humour, enchantment and more…
Come on and enjoy!




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Wednesday 24 May

8:00 p.m.


From 10 years