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Around Valençay


Less than
30 minutes away


Automobile Museum of Valençay
Discover a remarkable collection of over 60 operational vintage cars since 1898 retracing the history of the Automobile. Fire engines, motorcycles, bicycles and more…. will thrill visitors of all ages.




Poulaines Gardens
The Domaine de Poulaines is in the heart of a small town in Berry, 7km from Château de Valençay. It will take you from the bamboo garden to the Koi swimming in the spring all the way to the Arboretum and its 400 identified trees.


Château de Bouges
At the heart of the natural region of Champagne Berrichonne, enjoy the charm of Château de Bouges and its refined 18th century setting. The quality of the furniture chosen by its last owners beautifully complements the elegance of the architecture.



ZooParc de Beauval
Ranked the #1 zoo in France and among the most beautiful zoos in the world, ZooParc de Beauval presents the greatest diversity of wildlife in France: nearly 6,000 animals, including 2 giant pandas.




Less than
1 hour away


Château de Loches
Step back in time to a thousand years ago by visiting the Royal City of Loches, to meet the great figures that made these places famous: women of influence and power such as Joan of Arc, Agnès Sorel and Anne of Brittany; kings including Charles VII and Charles VIII; as well as famous prisoners such as French Cardinal Jean Balue and Ludovic Sforza.

Château de Cheverny
The Domaine de Cheverny is a seigniorial property has belonged to the same family for over six centuries. From the botanical gardens to the inside of the château, from the kennels to the Tintin exhibit and from the gardens to the forest park, the owners invite you to discover a lively authentic heritage.

Domaine national de Chambord
The Domaine de Chambord is made up of a castle, a village, farms and a wooded area of nearly 5440ha, which is about half the size of Paris itself. Built on the orders of François I during the Renaissance, this château is one of the largest castles in France and offers many tours and activities.

Château de Blois
Residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, Château de Blois expresses power and the daily life of the Court during the Renaissance demonstrated by the furnished royal apartments embellished with polychrome decorations. Its courtyard offers a panoramic view of French architecture from the Middle ages to the 17th century.


Château de Chenonceau
Property of the crown, and then a royal residence, Château de Chenonceau is a complete site in its original design, collections, furnishings and decorations. It was also loved, administered and protected by many women who, for the most, played a key role in history.


Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire
Chaumont-sur-Loire, which was the property of Catherine de Medicis, Diane de Poitiers and Marie Say, Princess of Broglie, welcomes visitors all year round in its beautifully furnished rooms embellished in recent years. You will be surprised, delighted and moved by the many contemporary art pieces placed in the château and scattered throughout the park.


Château d’Amboise
This emblematic monument and its landscaped gardens offer one of the finest panoramic views of the Loire Valley.
Each tour takes a unique look at this place of high renown in the history of France: its European political and artistic influence in the Renaissance; private moments of the lives of sovereigns; everyday life and behind the scenes of the royal court.

1 hour and 15


La Haute Touche Nature Reserve
In the heart of a national forest covering 436 hectares, La Haute Touche Nature Reserve is home to more than 1,300 animals of 120 species hailing from every continent. Herbivores, carnivores, primates and birds have large, shady pens containing multiple ponds and offering visitors a peaceful, authentic natural setting.

Noirlac Abbey
Located in a preserved environment on the banks of the Cher, Noirlac Abbey boasts nearly nine centuries of rich, turbulent history. The perfectly restored monument now welcomes visitors come to explore its architecture of light. This cultural encounter center hosts multiple artistic events throughout the year.


Palais Jacques Coeur
Born in Bourges around the year 1400, Jacques Coeur rocketed to the top of the social ladder. After being ennobled and appointed as Royal Treasurer, he undertook the construction of his home. Unique in France for its era, the Palais Jacques Coeur is a terrific illustration of the original personality of its builder.

Home of George Sand
Between George Sand and her house there was a love story made of a series of separations and reunions. There, she received her friends, faithful people of Berry and Parisians alike, including Liszt, Balzac, Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and more. In this house, dating back to the 18th century, she wrote the majority of her body of work.


Parc Floral d’Apremont sur Allier (2h)
Created forty years ago by Gilles de Brissac, the Apremont floral park presents itself as a vast setting in the heart of a medieval village classified among “The most beautiful villages in France”. Visitors to this remarkable garden labeled park will discover a white garden, more than 1,500 species of plants, a wisteria pergola and a choice of rare trees. Waterfall and body of water highlight the Chinese bridge, the Turkish pavilion and the belvedere which revive the tradition of 18th century “factories”.