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Quality Approach


Along with thirty other sites of the Loire Valley, Château de Valençay is committed, in partnership with the Touraine Tourism Board (, to a common state-approved quality approach. A quality charter was signed by 18 major sites of the Loire Valley as a drive for excellence. This agreement, initiated in 2008, is intended to enhance the level of hospitality and services at the sites and allow them to obtain the “Qualité TourismeTM” label, issued by the French Ministry of Tourism.

Map of the labeled site


Maisons des Illustres

The Château de Valençay also has the “Maisons des Illustres” label, given by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This label was created to inform the public of places whose mission is to preserve and spread the history of the men and women who lived there and have distinguished themselves in the political, social and cultural history of France. The “Maisons des Illustres” label groups different places of memory together in order to make connections between the private and collective events of both local and national history.

To date, over 170 homes have been given this label.