Tibiades Ensemble<br>The Golden Age of the Oboe Band

Tibiades Ensemble
The Golden Age of the Oboe Band

Sunday, September 8

4:00 pm, Theater

Tibiades Ensemble
Guillaume Cuiller
, Vincent Blanchard, oboe
Laura Duthuille, alto oboe
Nicolas André, bassoon
Sylvain Fabre, percussions

The “oboe band” was one of the emblematic groups at the Court of Versailles during the second half of the 17th century. The resonance of the double-reed instruments, percussion section and trumpets is evocative of victory parades and the pomp of official ceremonies. The fame of French oboists and bassoonists was such that it crossed over borders, and oboe bands were soon shining at the Courts of England and Germany.

One of the musicians in the Tibiades ensemble is Vincent Blanchard, an oboist from Valençay who made his debut on the stage of the château’s theater a few years ago, before setting off to travel the world.


Useful information

Sunday 8 September

4:00 p.m.


Concert alone :
Full Price : 20€
Reduced rate : 15€

Castle entrance + concert :
Full Price : 28€
Reduced rate : 23€