Florient Azoulay <br>Most Horrific Events and Most Dreadful Sounds

Florient Azoulay
Most Horrific Events and Most Dreadful Sounds

Sunday, September 22

4:00 p.m, Theater

Florient Azoulay, réciter
Joël Grare, percussions


This musical interpretation will first look at how Gargantua defeated the Army of Picrochole and ate up six Pilgrims in a Salad, how the Cod-piece is the first Piece of Armour among Warriors, how Pantagruel and Panurge determined to visit the Oracle of the Holy Bottle, how the Devil was deceived by an aulde Woman of Popefigland, and how Rondibilis the Physician giveth a Remedy for Cuckoldry.

If I were you, brave folk, I would come and hear what thrilling lessons François Rabelais still has to teach us.

Useful information

Sunday 22 September

4:00 p.m.


Concert alone :
Full Price : 20€
Reduced rate : 15€

Castle entrance + concert :
Full Price : 28€
Reduced rate : 23€