Cairn Ensemble<br>Under the greenwood tree

Cairn Ensemble
Under the greenwood tree

Saturday, September 28

9:00 p.m, Church of Valencay

Cairn Ensemble
Cédric Jullion, flute
Aurélie Saraf, harp
Naaman Sluchin, violin
Cécile Brossard, alto
Frédéric Baldassare, cello
Léa Trommenschlager, voice

Cairn Ensemble takes listeners on a musical journey around the person of Shakespeare, comparing the English Renaissance (William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons and John Dowland) and the early Baroque period (Matthew Locke and Henry Purcell) to the present day (Johannes Schöllhorn, Kaija Saariaho and Jonathan Bell). This perspective will give rise to re-writes and transcriptions, inventive ways of re-discovering the ancient melodies of Elizabethan England through the ears of our contemporaries. For this project, Cairn brought in soprano Léa Trommenschlager and French composer Jonathan Bell to re-write pieces by English Renaissance composers, specifically for this concert.

Useful information

Saturday 28 September

9:00 p.m.

Church of Valençay

Concert alone :
Full Price : 20€
Reduced rate : 15€

Castle entrance + concert :
Full Price : 28€
Reduced rate : 23€